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Major Tom's Lawn Control, LLC
Get To Know Me

My name is Timothy Martin, owner of Major Tom’s Lawn Control and my mission is to provide truly affordable lawn service for  residents in the Northwest Arkansas area. I believe the secret to success is how you treat your customers. Without your customers, you have no business.


I started Major Tom’s Lawn Control to provide residents in NWA a more affordable lawn care service. After gaining experience as an employee from the mowing and landscaping industry, I decided to open my own business in October of 2017 so that I could provide the same level of professional service but on a more personal level.


In the coming years, my goal is to expand Major Tom’s Lawn Control as the preferred lawn care service business in NWA. During this time I only provide mowing services as I am still acquiring equipment to further lawn service capabilities. I am a firm believer in owning equipment rather than financing equipment.


As your lawn care guy, my goal is to operate with as little cost as possible and continue to be very efficient. By doing so, I am able to pass the savings on to you by providing affordable lawn care service compared to other competitors.